About us

Serving New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania since 2009!


About Us


A1 Power Washing & Blasting serves large property managers throughout the Tri-State Area. We clean and restore surfaces on infrastructure and equipment, serving regional entities:

  • big commercial and industrial businesses and companies
  • public works and services organizations
  • government and educational institions
Our customers want our power washing and blasting services for a simple reason: 

We’re the Best!

We’ve been powerwashing and blasting for 10 years, and we care about the businesses that we serve.

A1 customers appreciate our straight up and confident team, and many of the Tri-State’s best come to us for our services.

With pride, joy and professionalism.


A1 Core Values



We keep safety at the forefront of all our decision making! If we can’t ensure safety, we don’t do it.

Accountability …

A1 takes responsibility for decisions and actions of our team members.

Integrity …

We say what we do and do what we say. A1 teams lead by example, and we practice ethical commitment and actions: start to finish. To that end, we engage our clients through open and transparent communication.

Passion …

Never fails! We bring our A1 passion to your worksite.


We strive for top notch service and yield value with simple, smart, and relevant solutions.

The A1 Guarantee

Just like you take pride in your structures and equipment, at A1, we take pride in outstanding customer service and quality work. That’s why we can guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Our Protective Coating Warantee

We’ve seen thousands of commercial building owners and managers frustrated by repeat vandalism. So, we not only clean your property and equipment surfaces, but we go the extra mile. A1 provides additional surface protection for brick, stone, timber, concrete, and natural building surfaces.

Specialized A1 coating protects your assets from graffiti, grime, and pollution for up to 10 years. Even better we add a free six-month warrantee to coating applied by our staff.

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We’d like you to join our network of satisfied customers. Please check out our contact page to get more information about A1 Power Washing & Blasting.


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I’m happy with every wash and cleaning.
A1 is fast and effective.

– Myra Serrano